1. Pick What Chores For Children You Expect Your Child To Do

You also want to make sure that your child knows how to do these chores. It may work best if you do chores with your child in the beginning so that they can learn. Make sure to check out the list of chores for children for each age. When you assume that your child knows something, it could backfire.

2. Use A Chore Chart To Keep Track Of The Chores That Need To Be Done

There is a lot of chore chart templates that you can use to keep track of what chores still need to be done and which ones have been completed. This site provides plenty of different types of printable chore charts that you can download and print. Select a chore chart that you feel your child would like, or pick one with them.

3. Do Not Ask Your Child To Do More Chores Than They Can Deal With

If your child has a busy schedule of homework, afternoon-activities, and some socialization, then they may not be able to get as many chores done as you expect. Never ask them to do more than they can handle. They are just children. Whenever they grow up, their priorities will often change, whether they want it to or not. There are still some years that they can enjoy to allow having fun to be their top priority.

4. Never Forget To Recognize The Effort That Your Child Puts Into Chores

Make sure that you are recognizing the effort that your child is putting into their chores. Compliment your child and let them know that they are doing a good job. Every single person loves to be praised. When you put a lot of effort into something, and it does not get noticed is not the greatest feeling in the world.

5. Use Chores For Your Child To Earn Rewards Or An Allowance

For instance, only allow screen time once your child has completed their chores, or you can allow screen time before chores, but they can earn extra time for completing their chores. You also have the option to add on bonus chores, which give extra screen time. There are other incentives that allow your child to earn an allowance if they complete all of their chores. If only half of the chores are done, then only half of the allowance is earned. You can even go as far as if you have to remind your child to do their chores, then you can take away part of their allowance. If your child does not do their chores, they do not get rewards.

6. Set A Good Example

If you want your child to do their chores, then you need to do your chores on time. If you put your chores off, then your child will too.

7. Suggest Doing Chores Together

It will be much more effective and fun when you do chores together. If your child needs to load the dishwasher, then you can clear off the table so that you are doing chores together. This helps to teach your children cooperation and helping, which is a much better way to do chores. If there are two people loading the dishwasher, then it is much easier than a single person because you are not going to need to bend down each time, and that is why working together is efficient and fun.

8. Start To Make Chores Fun

Do not hesitate to chat with your child or even turn on music while you are doing chores. This can help to make it more enjoyable and fun.

9. Start Giving Chores To Children When They Are Young

Young children often enjoy doing household chores. It makes them feel independent and mature. If you are consistent, it will become a habit, and you will never have a problem dealing with it. On the other hand, if children are not expected to participate in household chores until they are much older, they will get used to doing everything for themselves. When they are older, it will be much more difficult to get them to do household chores.

10. Set A Schedule Or Deadline For Chores

Whenever there are chores, even as adults, we will often put them off until the last minute. If there is not any deadline, then it can make putting things off easier. When you set a schedule or deadline, then your child will know when their chores need to be done.

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